Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Open learning - evolving an InstructorNet Community

Creating a voluntary network of involved teachers is as much fun and often as productive as herding cats. As engaged as lecturers and instructors are, it regardless is worth considering: How can we improve our practice by employed simultaneously? One strategy is the development of an "InstructorNet" on the web, which can, amidst other things, evolve into a community of practice for distributing best practices, discussion forums, asset registers, and social mesh interaction. Having a good set of initial investigation inquiries will get your conceive group well begun. Here is an initial set that may help:

1. What should InstructorNet be and why should we care?
2. How can we give Voice (and activity) to instructors to better align resources with efforts?
3. How do we improve the attachments among the constituents (nodes) of an teacher Net (I am thinking of this as a utility
function: conveying electricity/water to country areas)?
4. What technologies will unleash school room excellence?
5. How do we eradicate the boundaries of partitions, bricks, mortar and time to support lifelong discovering across the force (for our demographic to start with)?
6. How do we shift from an developed Age border of learning to a Network-centric, connectivist border?

Principles of Connectivism: the information resides dynamically in the mesh, its participants and their attachments, and has a shelf-life; the network adapts its tacit information much more rapidly than its explicit knowledge in response to an progressively dynamic natural environment, and so we need nodes of cognitive excellence conceiving information artifacts rigorously, but attachment modes and devices that facilitate making the tacit information explicit AND the proficiency to sense informative desires and assemble fast answer teams of attached nodes from over the mesh.

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